BGP Peering information for xyTel Inc – AS395394


xyTel peers openly and aggressively wherever possible.

BGP information

  • Our ASN: 395394

BGP Communities Sent / Accepted

Accepted / SentCommunity ValuePurposeMore Information
Accepted65001:1075Set LOCAL_PREF to 75Default preference is 100 LOCAL_PREF=75 would make this a backup route
Accepted65001:1085Set LOCAL_PREF to 85Default preference is 100 LOCAL_PREF=85 would make this a preferred route
Accepted65001:911BlackholeAccepted as a /32, will blackhole a host.
Sent65001:10Transit Route
Sent65001:20Peering Route
Sent65001:30Customer Route

Default LOCAL_PREF values

Route sourceLOCAL_PREF assigned


See ASN WHOIS information for information on peering / abuse / NOC

Peering Policy

  • We will not peer with anyone who is a xyTel transit customer
  • We are a fully IPv6-enabled network and prefer to establish v4/v6 peerings
  • Peers are encouraged to have accessible NOCs with email addresses and phone numbers
  • Peers must agree to actively cooperate re: security violations, denial of service attacks, route leaks, and similar incidents
  • Peers must not abuse the peering relationship by doing any of the following:
    • Sending a default route
    • Resetting next hop
    • Sending prefixes longer than /24 or /48
    • Sending private ASNs in the AS_PATH
    • Excessive AS padding (100+)
  • We reserve the right to temporarily suspend peering if it causes harm to the xyTel network
  • All peering arrangements will be filtered; any change requests to the filter list will be answered and implemented promptly with a valid, signed LoA